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Are you looking for 3D Printing Services in Canada? You have come to the right place.

We have compiled the 3D Printing Service companies and suppliers in Canada list for you to pick as below:

Contents strives to provide Canadian businesses with 3D solutions that fits their daily needs and requirements .Our sales engineers have over 25 years in Manufacturing industry.They provide in-depth free consultation that results in cost-effective ,and reliable 3D solutions for your business. DigitMakers has been providing customers in Education, Manufacturing, Health Care, Design Firms and others with 3D printers,Filaments and 3D scanners. Businesses who are not yet ready to invest in 3D solution, we provide 3D printing /Scanning Services.

Address:1111 Flint Rd Unit #12, North York, ON M3J 3C7, Canada

3D Prototype Design Inc

At 3D Prototype Design Inc. we know a thing or two about providing expert 3D printing services, guidance and prototypes that customers can really count on. When we first opened our doors in 1996, none of our original customers even knew what 3D printing was or how valuable it would become as a part of their product development process.

Address:205 Boullee St, New Hamburg, ON N3A 2K3, Canada

Objex Unlimited

We are at the forefront of the 3D printing revolution and push the boundaries of traditional manufacturing.

We believe that the customer always comes

Address:​ 36 Fieldway Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 3L2, Canada

Axis Prototypes

As bona fide experts in additive manufacturing, we can print plastic, plastic-like and metal prototypes for fit, form, and functional testing using the latest 3D printing technologies. However, our expertise lies beyond setting up and printing your file; we’ll find the optimal build orientation of your model to yield the maximum dimensional accuracy, eliminate material redundancies, and recommend any surface finishing or secondary operations so that your part looks and feels the way you envisioned it.

Address:6956 Rue Jarry E, Saint-Léonard, QC H1P 3C1, Canada


3DPhacktory is downtown Toronto’s full service 3D printing and design studio. We offer high-resolution, multiple material 3D printing service to customers in a wide range of fields.

Address:5 Dickens St, Toronto, ON M4M 1T8, Canada

JT3D 3D Printing

We believe that 3d printing can help change lives, solve problems, and create products to help build financial futures.

​We help you the business owner and individual to bring your idea into reality by providing easy, reliable, and cost effective 3d printing solutions, partnering with you to achieve your goals.

Address:47 Laurelbank Crescent, Keswick, ON L4P 4H7, Canada


How to choose best 3D printing services is very important, without looking further, we are also a 3D printing company in China with over 15 years experience in 3D design, print and manufacturing we can offer you a service that is second to none. Rocheindustry focus on great 3D printing service and affordability.

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