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Stereoleap comes from a neologism that combines Stereo (-scopie) + leap (Engl: le saut) . It designates the jump effect when looking at a three-dimensional photo: an impression of diving into a frozen universe.

From our creative workshop based in Paris, we offer our remote or on-site 3D  printing services for individuals and professionals, depending on your needs.


Address:30 Rue Laure Diebold, 75008 Paris, France

Additive 3D

ADDITIVE 3D offers you 3d printing services made from different technologies: SLA (stereolithography), SLS (selective laser sintering), FDM (modeling by molten wire deposition), DLMS (direct laser sintering of metal), Polyjet (Inkjet technology and photopolymers).

These technologies allow us to quickly create lifelike prototypes, accurately present key features and produce customized end products.

Address:36 Chemin du Guéret, 69210 Lentilly, France


Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service gives you access to the most professional 3D printing technologies and materials. Create plastic functional parts, metal 3D printed industrial parts, and visual prototypes with resin materials for a smooth surface finish.

Address:​10 Rue Auguste Perret, 94800 Villejuif, France

Greapz impression 3D

Because we are convinced that projects are born from a synergy between people and that everyone is able to imagine an innovative product and concept, we support this creative process.

Our complete mastery of the 3D printing technology value chain gives us the opportunity to evolve as the projects progress.

Address:91 bis Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris, France

TH Industries

TH INDUSTRIES The reliable, professional and friendly 3D printer!
Our mission… to offer you the design and production of resistant and functional technical parts in 3D printing. Your service provider, reliable and serious, to produce your prototypes, unit parts, small series.

Address:7 Rue de la Paillette, 49800 Sarrigné, France


INITIAL, leader in France in Product Development, Additive Manufacturing and Production, is the part design and production center of the PRODWAYS group. In March 2015, we joined Prodways Group, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé.

Founded in 1991 and a pioneer in the rapid prototyping market, the company has developed various areas of activity, thus offering you a global solution:

Product design office
3D scan for digitization and control
3D Printing and Plastic and Metal Additive Manufacturing
Realization of tooling and injection thermoplastic

Address:Parc Altaïs, 209 Route de Cran-Gevrier, 74650 Chavanod, France


How to choose best 3D printing services is very important, without looking further, we are also a 3D printing company in China with over 15 years experience in 3D design, print and manufacturing we can offer you a service that is second to none. Rocheindustry focus on great 3D printing service and affordability.

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