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Lay3rs 3D printing Eindhoven

The 3D printer will change our world in terms of product design, development and production.
Due to the constantly innovative technology and materials, intelligence of software and accessibility of the user interface, the applications with 3D printing will take an enormously important place for both consumers and businesses in the coming 5 years. The 3dprinter will not only play its part in product development and prototyping, but will also play a leading role in the production of personalized end products. There will come an era when you only produce when you need it, where you need it, with materials you need at that moment. This may be in your own living room, but it can also be done at centralized production locations close to the customers, which will also have a major impact on stock management and logistics processes.

Lay3rs 3d printing specializes in the entire value chain from “idea to final product”. As the market leader in the Netherlands, we will support the established manufacturing industry in this important transformation of manufacturing using 3d printing.

Address:Grote Berg 60, 5611 KL Eindhoven, Netherlands


We print with the DTM 2500 HIQ, and process the Nylon PA 2200 as standard, standard layer thickness is 100 mu.

We are able to realize very short delivery times, 1 to 2 days ex works.

Finishing with drumming, impregnation, coloring and lacquering possible.

DLP / SLA technique

We print with Envisiontec technology, among other things.

VDM has 5 Ultra’s and 2 Perfactory’s 4 with UV.

The Ultra has been modified by us and is faster than the “standard” machine. Where necessary, the mechanical components have also been replaced by high-quality materials and these machines are more accurate than standard.

Very short delivery times can be achieved with DLP technology, often within 24 or 12 hours for smaller parts.

Address:Vlijtstraat 50E, 7005 BN Doetinchem, Netherlands

3D Printing Netherlands

Making a choice for 3D printing, or rather Additive Manufacturing, is not easy. Which materials can I use and which printing technique suits best. How big can I print, what accuracy and strength? How do I approach this within my organization? Who makes the files? Which software? Who trains my people? Which departments do we involve in this? Am I going to buy a printer myself?

Many questions that we can answer based on our experience. We help companies on their way, sometimes for a short period, but it also happens that we do not get away anymore. Depending on the situation.

Contact us for personal advice.

Address:​Teelmanstraat 1, 1431 GL Aalsmeer, Netherlands


Beamler is an on-demand additive manufacturing marketplace connecting engineers and designers to a global network of professional 3D printing services. We specialize in high performance materials like silicone, tungsten, tungsten carbide, copper and technical ceramics.

Address:Wijde Kapelsteeg 1 3th floor, 1012 NS Amsterdam, Netherlands


Enabling product creation at scale is the core of Shapeways’ innovative technology platform. By leveraging a global network of cutting-edge digital manufacturing and material partners, Shapeways continues to be a proven leader in advanced additive manufacturing [3D Printing] solutions.

Founded in 2007, Shapeways is headquartered in New York City, with manufacturing facilities in Long Island City and the Netherlands, maintaining a prominent global presence around the world. Shapeways has enabled product creation for over 1+ million businesses. And we’re just getting started.

Address:Kanaaldijk-Zuid 3A, 5613 LE Eindhoven, Netherlands

3D Print Service Arnhem

3D Print Service Arnhem (3DPSA) provides an accessible 3D Print Service for private individuals and companies looking for a party that can help them realize 3D (printed) products.

The practical and technical knowledge that has been built up over the years makes 3DPSA a valuable and reliable discussion partner.

3DPSA can, in collaboration with you, design and / or scan and print 3D models.

In addition, the company provides guidance and advice in the form of demonstrations, workshops and presentations, among other things.

Address:Simon Stevinweg 27, 6827 BS Arnhem, Netherlands


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