Well, 8cr13mov is a stainless steel version that you can involve in making various types of folding knives. Good enough, this metal happens to be softer when compared to higher-end steel.

The 8cr13mov is mid-range steel in terms of quality. The MoV or Cr series originate from China. It is increasingly becoming a popular option since it is affordable and easy to manufacture.

Many knife makers use these series of steel in making knives as it contains both carbon and chromium. Keep reading as we discover more on 8cr13mov.

Chemical Composition of 8cr13mov

  • Chromium: This stainless steel has 14.6% of chromium. It is useful for edge retention and tensile strength. It will also enhance both corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Carbon: The 8cr13Mov consists of 0.8% of carbon, which will also improve the wear and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the carbon content will still enhance hardness. It should come in the right proportion since a high amount may lower its strength.
  • Molybdenum: It takes 0.3% of the entire 8cr13Mov Its primary role is to increase strength and machinability.
  • Manganese: You will only require 1% manganese to increase the brittleness and hardness.
  • Vanadium: Vanadium takes a small fraction that does not exceed 0.25%. It will improve the hardenability and wear resistance.
  • Phosphorous: The manufacturers use 0.04% phosphorous to increase strength.
  • Sulfur: You will need 0.04% Sulfur to increase machinability.

Physical Properties of 8cr13mov Steel 

8cr13mov steel has unique properties that make it ideal for use while making various items from it. They are as follows:

Edge Retention

Such budget-friendly stainless steel for knife making will offer excellent edge retention. It may only be comparable to mid-range steel. It also provides a reliable hardness worth it’s pricing.

Softer materials can dent since they fail to hold edges rightly. However, softer materials are easy to sharpen. Harder materials will hold the edges properly but are difficult to sharpen.

Wear Resistance

We refer to the ability to withstand damage from either adhesive or abrasive wear. As for abrasive wear, the rougher surfaces must come in contact with softer surfaces. The results will be that scratches and scrapes will begin to form on the blade.

The adhesive wear will occur when debris dislodges from one surface as it attaches to the next surface. The chemistry of this mid-range stainless steel will also affect the wear resistance.

The 8cr13mov steel for knives has a fantastic composition of Vanadium and Chromium. The combination will increase its wear resistance.

Corrosion Resistance

Since this stainless steel has more than 14% chromium, it will offer dependable corrosion resistance. You will, therefore, not experience any wear hence retain its quality.

The corrosion-resistant ability will make it to resist elemental and chemical breakdown like rust. It will corrode if you expose to certain conditions like water, salt, and abrasive or acid chemicals.


One of the uses of 8cr13mov is in the making of knives. 8cr13mov stainless steel hardness makes it is easy and convenient to sharpen. A sharper knife is a useful cutting tool.

The sharpening ability is one of the most overlooked factors in stainless steel blades. You can painlessly sharpen this steel by touching a sharpening stone. It can be the all-day affair to sharpen harder steels.


Toughness talks about the ability of this stainless steel to resist damage like chips and cracks. It occurs when you subject the metal to particular impacts or sudden loads. Typically, if the metal is too hard, it is likely to be less tough. For our case, the 8cr13mov has less toughness.


This steel has a high content of Chromium and Carbon, making it to have poor weldability.

Uses of 8cr13mov

One of the standard applications of 8cr13mov is hunting and camping blades. The good news is that it will still withstand all-purpose usage. Many buyers will opt for such knives due to pricing making it a great budget option.

It is noteworthy that 8cr13mov will not match the level of edge retention from top-quality steel. Since 8cr13mov has softer steel, it is easier to sharpen it. However, it will not maintain the sharpest edge most of the time.

Here is a summary of the application of 8cr13mov steel:

  • Outdoor or survival knives
  • Folding knives
  • Hunting blades
  • Budget knives

Advantages of 8cr13mov 

  • It is easy to maintain
  • The materials are cost-effective
  • It offers more natural sharpening options to the user
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • The items are durable

Limitations of 8cr13mov

  • It is not impervious to corrosion or rust
  • It requires chromium content
  • It may not be incredibly premium

Are 8cr13mov knives reliable? 

Indeed, manufacturers craft decent knives from 8cr13mov knives. Both physical and chemical properties in this type of steel make it ideal for constructing high-performance blades.

The material will offer decent edge retention. It will still retain its sharpness as you continue to use it. You can use such knives for a longer duration without deforming its edges.

The knives will also have good hardness and wear resistance. The stainless steel blade has the correct hardness to prevent any bending or deformation as you stress it in your daily applications.

Such knives are also dependable since they will not wear easily. It will not damage as you use it in your routine functions.

Another exciting aspect that makes the 8cr13mov knives reliable is the pricing. Many find their price tag to be pocket friendly yet durable.

Final Word

There are several steel products in the markets for different applications. Among them is the 8cr13mov steel materials. As evident in our discussion, you can use it to make blades and knives. The stainless steel materials have excellent qualities to make them functional and effective.


One of the winning aspects of these materials is its pricing. It has several metal compounds that make it to be sufficient with a price advantage. Therefore, it is an affordable option, especially to any beginner who would want to have products that originate from this mid-range stainless steel.

Having an extensive understanding of the 8cr13mov properties will give you an edge when buying related products.

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