What are the Benefits of CNC Prototyping?

CNC machining delivers high speed, high precision, and robust rapid part manufacturing solutions. You take a block or billet of material and cut away at it with a series of tools and drill bits, removing material to make CNC machined parts or products.

You can manufacture a lot of materials using this process. They include plastics, metals, wood, etc. Certainly, online CNC machining companies in France have adopted this technology and are on the verge of outshining one another.

Nevertheless, we have compiled the best 10 precision CNC machining services in France to know what industry you’ll pick.



LBI foundry and machine shop originally made its reputation on the service we provided to local companies in Europe. Today, our group of LBI Foundries keeps this philosophy of providing high quality service and fulfilling our customers’ casting and machining needs, all over the world. This is achieved by giving well-targeted technical and commercial offers with an aim to optimize costs and provide innovative technical solutions.

Since 1919, the range of high quality centrifugal castings produced by the group LBI Foundries has been continually expanded. After centrifugal casting of bronze parts, LBI also started the production of parts in stainless steels and in Aluminum, for the most demanding applications and customers.

In addition, LBIs sand casting subsidiaries (companies SRI and INOXYDA), bring their specific know-how for the sand casting of copper based alloys, to complete a rich portfolio and enable the group LBI Foundries to offer a One-Stop-Shop solution for castings and machining to a wide variety of industrial sectors. Each company of the group LBI Foundries is certified by the quality management system ISO 9001.

Address: L.B.I. CENTRIFUGAL CASTING 26, rue de la République, 57360 Amnéville,FRANCE


Their activity is centralized on the transformation of copper (90%) and aluminum (10%) into a so-called cupro-aluminum alloy. The cast copper-aluminum parts can meet the most varied mechanical stresses (resistance equivalent to a semi-hard steel, good wear resistance, very good resistance to extreme temperatures, excellent electrical conductivity).

The exceptional castability of cupro-aluminum also makes it possible to obtain parts with the most complex shapes. The parts thus cast have an excellent aptitude for polishing and for surface treatments such as chrome plating or gilding. For this, we have an undeniable and recognized know-how since we can be considered as a reference in terms of appearance pieces especially intended for mirror making or culinary art.

Thus a wide range of products is offered for the most diverse uses and the most varied sectors: locksmithing, mirrors, electrical, culinary art, fittings …

The synergy developed over the past 6 years with the DAVERGNE Foundry allows you to provide technical assistance in the production and optimization of your parts. In this sense, we are able to offer you other technical solutions in materials such as aluminum, copper, low temperature fusible metals, zamack, etc.

Address: 10 rue des Moulins, 80460, Oust-Marest

SDC France

SDC is a team of mold maker tool makers who produce tools for rubber and plastic injection presses, of maximum capacity. 1000×800

A design office teamed with 3D CAD software Missler; Spaceclaim and ZW3D

A method office equipped with WorkNC CAM software

Address: 63 bis Route Nationale, 69330, Pusignan


Family company specialized for more than 30 years in the manufacture of products with round thread; they have acquired a great deal of experience in this field to become today the specialist.

For all your applications in the building, concrete prefabrication and formwork trades, they have a solution to your needs.

They offer a wide range of screws, nuts, threaded rods, jacks, formwork accessories

Address: 12 rue Parmentier, 08090 Aiglemont – France


CORVAISIER has always been a story of passion resulting from modeling to become a true partner in molds, models, prototypes and other tools.

A unique desire, to support our clients in the development of their projects, to enable them to position themselves in their own markets through innovation.

They have always chosen to provide you with a process, design office on UniGraphics, CATIA, appropriate machining centers, control service, etc.

Address: 31 rue de La Liodière ZAC de La Liodière Joué-lès-Tours, 37300, Indre-etLoire

Sagne Mecanique

The field of activity of SAGNE SAS is that of precision mechanics, the company having developed specific skills in the manufacture of small parts, often in non-ferrous metals and thin walls.

Its know-how allows it to manufacture prototypes, parts in medium and large series, and to design machining tools. Its performance is manifested in the most diverse sectors such as optics, optronics, defense, aeronautics, medical,  etc.

Address: 7 rue du pont noir Firminy, 42700, Loire


The Cotet company guarantees high reliability of delivery, supplies products of the required quality and strives to establish a healthy and lasting relationship with customers. All this is in part achieved through the regular modernization of machinery, measuring equipment and the improvement of knowledge and experience.

In short : modern and efficient machines, an organization and qualified employees, which are the strength of our company and give us a solid basis for the future.

They serve their customers in very diverse business sectors, such as the food industry, printing, aeronautics industries.

Address: ZA R. Bastier 3, rue Descartes The underground, 23300, Creuse

Atelier Mécanique Deniziot

AMD is pleased to welcome you to its website.
Their company is present in different sectors of activity such as precision mechanics, electro-erosion, cutting tools, bending, stamping and plastic injection molds. To discover in their activities page.

Address: 16 Rue Du Moulin Pont De Roide – Vermondans, 25150, Doubs

Ateliers Pierrot et Fils

For forty years, Ateliers Pierrot has been established in Nouvelle Aquitaine and cultivates its spirit of innovation. They have been able to develop recognized know-how around precision mechanics, in the field of machining (turning, milling, etc.) and in the production of small and medium series . Thanks to its 2-axis, 4-axis and 7-axis numerical control (CNC) machine park , we can meet a growing demand from companies located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in particular, and nationally. With their expertise dedicated to the manufacture of prototypes, unit parts, very small, small and medium series,The Ateliers Pierrot team, based in Blanquefort en Gironde (33290, Nouvelle-Aquitaine), provides its customers from sectors such as aeronautics, the oil and gas industry, the naval industry, the automobile, the swimming pool sector etc. … High added value machining. Thanks to a good sense of service and rigorous work, they have been able to retain our customers for 40 years. Customer satisfaction being a priority, their team puts its know-how at your service to meet your precision mechanical machining needs.

Address: ZI – 34 Rue Saint-Exupéry , Blanquefort, 33290, Gironde

Blondeau Sarl

The BLONDEAU establishments are a family business whose origins date back to 1948. They have always combined determination and love for a job well done.

The specialist of the mechanics of precision on large dimensions.
Mechanical -soudure and machining of p ièces special unit , materials hard ( steel treated 500HB ), gross of casting and forging, with a level of accuracy of the order of 1/100 of lengths 4000 and diameters of 1,000.

Why edit your rooms to reception when you may the receive ” ready to install” 1/100 almost without correction?

Entrust us your studies , we you propose solutions for machining of precision on your parts of large dimensions.

Address: 1 Rue Maquis Du Nord Indre Reuilly France , 36260, Indre


In summary, quality CNC machining services are determined by customer satisfaction. The clients are the group of people who gives the heads-up that a company is worth your time and money. Therefore, be keen on where such services are offered and the reviews provide so far.

Without looking further, we’re also a CNC machining service company in China. Rocheindustry aim to give purposeful reviews and information that is bound to save your time. In  case of any questions, inquiries, or even comments, reach out to us.

Remember, a happy client is a happy company.

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