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Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mould cavity. The mould cavity is created using two hardened tool steel dies which have been machined into shape and work similarly to an injection mould during the process. Most die castings are made from non-ferrous metals, specifically zinc, copper, aluminium, magnesium, lead, pewter, and tin-based alloys. Depending on the type of metal being cast, a hot- or cold-chamber machine is used.

Are you looking for die casting companies in France? We have compiled the best 10 die casting companies list for you to pick as below:


SOCOMETA is able to produce all the parts in Gravity, Shell or Low Pressure Casting in Aluminum, Bronze or Copper Alloy that you may have to entrust to us.

However, we have specific skills in the following areas:

Cored parts: our SHALCO machines allow the cores to be produced to obtain non-moldable shapes
Large-sized parts: our Shell molding machines and our Low Pressure allow large-sized parts to be molded
Parts with steel, stainless steel and brass inserts overmolded to locally reinforce certain areas, integrate fixings or create joints
Parts with overmolded stainless steel coils to obtain integrated cooling or heating circuits
Technical parts with complex shapes
Cast and machined parts with precise tolerances
Airtight parts: our airtightness test benches ensure the conformity of your parts
ATEX parts with associated material health characteristics
Appearance or coated parts (painted, anodized, cataphoresed, etc.)
We can study all your projects with you in order to guarantee you the best cost / quality compromise.

Our Methods teams are ready to work with your technical consultants to help you design your parts and adapt them to the constraints of the foundry.

With these 3D files, using Pro-Engineer, we design our foundry molds and our machining fixtures in-house before having them produced at SOCOMETA thanks to our integrated tool workshop or as a subcontractor to mold-making partners, all selected and qualified.

We can also carry out foundries in rapid prototyping good material which will allow you to validate the forms and the functions before launching the mold in realization.

Thanks to our process, these prototypes have the same surface finish and the same dimensions as the parts which will then be cast in shell, gravity or low pressure

Address: 5 Rue de l’Ouillette, 16500 Confolens, France

Favi-le Laiton Injecte

FAVI is a family business located in Hallencourt (Hauts-de-France), specializing in the development and production of technical solutions machined and assembled in aluminum, brass and copper die casting.
FAVI has independent, innovative teams to best meet your needs. Its chain of expertise is a well-defined element. First, the research and development team works on your projects. Then, the Design Office and the mini-factories take care of product development with the test laboratory which validates your products.

Address: 14 Rue Louis Deneux, 80490 Hallencourt, France

Fonderie Falsimagne SA

The Falsimagne company is an independent family foundry .

Founded in 1948 by Georges Falsimagne, it is located in Picardy Maritime , in the Somme department, in the heart of the Vimeu industrial basin .

Falsimagne foundry and its partners respond to the most complex problems of the zamak, cupro aluminum and aluminum alloy foundry.

Today, with more than 1,200 tonnes of non-ferrous metals processed per year ( Zamak, Cupro-aluminum , Aluminum alloy ) ever more efficient means of production, the mastery of technologies complementary to the foundry, Falsimagne is able to accompany you on all your projects.

Address:293 Rue de Saint-Valéry, 80460 Woignarue, France


INOXYDA is a public limited company with a capital of 400,000 €, it is located in Petit-Quevilly in the Rouen suburbs, 80 km from Le Havre and 120 km from Paris, over an area of ​​approximately 30,000 m².

INOXYDA , formerly Forges & Foundry of High Resistance Alloys (FFAHR), was founded in 1924. Its know-how, acquired since its founding, lies in the mastery of the casting of copper alloys (and in particular cupro-aluminum, anti corrosion alloy ideal for all naval applications).
The company was the first to successfully cast cupro-aluminum, also called aluminum bronze, under the brand INOXYDA .

The excellent resistance to marine corrosion offered by cupro-aluminum enabled the company to collaborate with the French Navy. Quickly, Electricité De France also used this type of alloy for all its applications in tidal and thermal power stations, then in its nuclear power stations.

Since 2000, our company has diversified into the manufacture of Cupro-Nickel 70/30 and 90/10 .

For all these years, INOXYDA has continued its development, particularly in export, and supports its customers in all their projects by offering its expertise, know-how and knowledge in the applications of aluminum bronzes in order to offer adapted solutions. and economic .

Address: 4 Rue Etienne Dolet, 76140 Le Petit-Quevilly, France

Fonderie Falsimagne SA

A fully integrated manufacturing process and a wide range of alloys and products.
One of the group’s greatest strengths lies in its fully integrated manufacturing process. Our 11 production sites master a unique range of metal processing technologies. This particularity guarantees full traceability and therefore perfect quality control. Lebronze alloys supports its customers from the design to the manufacture of all types of parts.

Address: 293 Rue de Saint-Valéry, 80460 Woignarue, France

Lebronze alloys

Production / Innovation
850 employees,
35,000 T / year of foundry capacity,
20,000 T / year of spinning capacity,
More than 150 machining equipment, from CNCs to fully automated production centers,
more than 30 stamping / die-forging presses,
3 free forging presses,
1 circular rolling mill,
2 cold forging presses,
9 forging hammers from 3 to 40,000 kg.m,
a Research & Innovation department involved alongside our clients.

250 million euros in annual turnover,
more than 60% of the turnover are parts on plan,
750 clients, most of them leaders in their field.

More than 350 alloys: copper alloys, aluminum, steels, titanium, nickel base alloys and superalloys.

Address: Route de Châlons, 51600 Suippes, France

SAB Montmerle


40 years of activity on the market for recognized know-how

Created in 1975 by the Grosselin family, the SAB Group has remained a family business while integrating, from 1990, the companies allowing it to offer its customers a complete know-how.

At the heart of the SAB Group’s business: aluminum foundries, machining and assembly companies.

The SAB Group is above all a team of employees passionate about their jobs and always at your service.

Address: ZI Visionis Montmerle, Allée de l’industrie, 01090 Montmerle-sur-Saône, France


As an innovative, medium-sized, family-owned company, TRIMET develops, produces, recycles, casts, and sells modern light-metal products made of aluminium at eight locations. A staff of about 2,300 plus 1,000 employees in the joint venture BOHAI TRIMET Automotive ensure, together with our customers, that automobiles are more economical, aircraft are lighter, wind turbines and electricity plants are more efficient, buildings are more modern, and packaging is more ecological.

We have acquired unique knowledge about our material since we first started in 1985 and have been able to retain three things in particular: authenticity, reliability, and, of course, our passion for aluminium.

Address: Rue Henri Sainte-Claire Déville, 73300 Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France

NDC Foundry

NDC Foundry is the only company in France and one of the few in the world to master the gray cast iron shell casting process.
This is particularly suitable for the production in medium and large series of parts subject to strong constraints, such as safety parts (ground connection parts, braking parts), to sealing constraints (household appliances, valves). or high dimensional accuracy (crankshafts), allows the production of small parts in large series.

Address: 9 Rue Hubert Pennevert, 17300 Rochefort, France

ID Casting

Leading foundry on the french market, ID Casting Group is specialized in zinc and magnesium alloy die casting for complex and high precision parts.

Address:6 Route de Villeneuve, 39600 Arbois, France


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