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We are a Czech company operating on the market since 1998. Our mission is to be a reliable partner in the field of distribution and service of fasteners and anchoring technology and to help increase the level of supply and service for our customers. Our strategy focuses on the quality of delivered products and services. We build our business activities on the precise technical and consulting support of our employees. The company FASTENERS CZ, as is a holder of certificate ISO 9001: 2016.

Address:Oslavanská 942, 664 91 Ivančice, Czechia

HOPE fix Inc

HOPE fix, as is a Czech joint-stock company, founded on 15 September 2011. It continues the long tradition of Šroubárna Ždánice.

The history of Šroubárna Ždánice dates back to 1951, when it was founded as a state enterprise. The main production program was cold forming and turning technologies. Gradually, the company began to specialize mainly in cold forming. In 1992, a private company Šroubárna Ždánice as was established, which continued the tradition of high-volume production, especially of matrix-type fasteners. In 2002, the company was restructured and production was replaced by imports of standardized fasteners. Thus, the transformation from a manufacturing to a trading company took place.

Address:Jiráskova 52, 697 01 Kyjov, Czechia


We are a purely Czech company based in Jihlava operating on the markets of Europe, America and Asia.

We are suppliers of renowned global companies and our products are characterized by high quality and low price. We supply special fasteners according to customer requirements or according to DIN and ISO standards, cold-formed products and turned or milled parts.

Address:Dělnická 4898, 586 01 Jihlava, Czechia

SP shop cz

The company ČERMÁK trading, s.r.o. was founded as a natural person Zdeněk Čermák in 1994. It dealt with the distribution of fasteners and anchoring elements to local companies.
Thanks to service, short delivery times and favorable prices, it was able to grow and rent offices in a prestigious area of the Jewish town on Havlíčkův nábřeží. At that time, the company had three people.

Address:Zahradní 1507, 583 01 Chotěboř, Czechia


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