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We have compiled the best Fastener Manufacturers And Suppliers In Finland list for you to pick as below:


Nord-Lock Finland Oy

The Nord-Lock Group believes that no one should have a need to question the integrity of vital mechanical systems. As a leading provider of bolt solutions, we are strengthening public and industrial infrastructures with high-quality, secure and innovative solutions that will transform the modern lifestyle for decades to come.

Address:Eteläesplanadi 24, 00130 Helsinki, Finland

Baltic Bolt Finland Oy

Are you looking for standard screws or are you looking for nuts for special needs? At Baltic Bolt’s wide selection, you will find fastening accessories for almost every need. Our goal is to guarantee customers personal service and an accurate delivery schedule. We take into account the smallest needs and wishes of our customers. We are flexible and efficient.

Address:Kaukoilantie 3, 03100 Nummela, Finland

Bufab Finland Oy

Bufab was founded in 1977 by two young entrepreneurs in a small village a few kilometres from Värnamo, Sweden. They started up the business with a great vision- to become a world leading supplier within fasteners one day!

Address:Tuottajantie 12, 60100 Seinäjoki, Finland

SFS Suomi

By focusing on our core technologies, selected market segments and an international perspective, SFS intec can be pleased with the years of success.
Technologies With years of experience, SFS intec has taken a leading role in the market in the following technologies:

Cold working
Deep drawing
Injection molding of plastics
Mechanical fastening and fastening solutions

Address:Ratastie 18, 03100 Nummela, Finland

Metaplan Oy

Metaplan Oy is an import and wholesale company in the mortgage industry that comprehensively serves its customers. The company has a long experience in the field, as Metaplan was founded in 1977. The premises completed in 1991 and their subsequent expansions have created good conditions to serve all customer groups according to their needs.

Metaplan has adapted its operations to meet the challenges of the times. Fierce competition and operational requirements have transformed the company into a competitive, state-of-the-art service industry expert.

Address:Ravurinkatu 7, 20380 Turku, Finland


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