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Zafirakis Fasteners

The company Zafeirakis VIDES , based in Thessaloniki, entered the field of screws and industrial items in 1970.

Today, having a central warehouse of 3,000 sq.m. and two wholesale-retail stores, one in Thessaloniki and one in Piraeus, 19 full-time employees and 35,000 items in stock, are able to provide the best and fastest service anywhere.

The company offers its customers high quality products, which fully satisfy the needs of construction and industrial production, at very competitive prices, as a result of which it is trusted as a permanent supplier by recognized companies throughout Greece and the Balkans.

Address:Demesticha 9, Thessaloniki 546 27, Greece


With our offer in the field of screws from 1970 until today, our company NKF DAMIGOU BROS SA. has established itself among the leading companies in its industry. We serve more than 3000 customers including refineries, shipyards, public bodies, construction companies and large industries of the country.

We have in stock screws of all specifications, stainless steel, steel, iron, brass, special alloys, DIN – ASTM – ISO, in quantities that can immediately satisfy any demand. We are present in every big project that is performed in the country, while at the same time we have a wide variety of industrial and shipping items.

Our priority is the continuous renewal of our product range through our contact with the market and the new needs that are created daily, as a result of which we manage to fully serve existing and new customers as well as to take care in time to meet its potential future requirements. market.

Address:Antipliarchou Panagioti Vlachakou 7, Pireas 185 45, Greece


As times passes Stainless steel enjoys due to minimal wear and the certified reliability, more and more confidence.
Our company with founder Kyriakos Theodosiadis having at the begging stainless steel products as supplementary materials and then as a key, thanks to the experience gained in more than 40 years, provides exclusive support in need of professional and amateur for quality materials. Provides full range of stainless steel products from the smallest screw to large components and structures.

Address:ΠΑΠΑΣΤΡΑΤΟΥ 10, & ΧΑΙΔΑΡΙΟΥ 13, Pireas 185 45, Greece


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