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Fast Trade Poland

Fast Trade was born within the Fontana Group, world leader in the production of fasteners, based on the consolidated experience of Fontana Fasteners .

The marketing of fasteners and the provision of high added value services for customers are the core of Fast Trade ‘s value proposition , strongly based on building a solid partnership with customers. The wide choice of products in the catalog is combined with the opportunity to take advantage of tailor-made services in the design of dedicated solutions, with the help of a valid team of professionals.

Address: Konstruktorów 36, 20-209 Lublin, Poland

Fabory Poland Sp. z o.o.

Fabory has been a reliable supplier of fasteners and joining systems since 1947. In addition, we also offer a wide range of hand tools and power tools, industrial and health and safety products.
Contact us you will find more information about Fabory: company history, career opportunities, news and social responsibilities.

Address: ul. Lutycka 105, 60-478 Poznań

Supply Technologies

Supply Technologies is not simply a fastener distributor, we are your strategic partner in providing global, point-of-use, and cross-industry Total Supply ManagementTM services built on proprietary logistics system capabilities.

Address:Wiejska 49, 41-250 Czeladź, Poland

Marcopol Sp. o.o. Producent Śrub

We produce all kinds of fasteners. Both standard and unusual ones. As a leader in our industry, we only offer products characterized by high quality and durability as well as high-scale precision of workmanship.

Address:Oliwska 100, 80-209 Chwaszczyno, Poland


Because we believe that every element matters, the team of people working at Gabec has the ambition to be a leader among manufacturers of advanced fasteners.

Address:Inwestycyjna 18, 26-612 Radom, Poland


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