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Present in the national market since 1998, and operating from the great Porto, NLG FASTENERS has as main challenge to consolidate the growing role that it has been assuming in the panorama of companies that supply Industrial products.

Address:R. das Minas 414, 4440-008 Campo, Portugal

Al Metal Lda

We supply a wide range of products under competitive conditions. Our range includes more than 50,000 different items, such as screws, nuts, washers, pins, rivets, etc.

In addition to standard products in accordance with DIN standards, we also stock products in accordance with ISO, UNC, UNF, BSW (Whitworth), BSF, ASTM and ANSI standards. Above all, we also supply parts with special dimensions and metals upon sample or design. Al Metal is known as the specialist in screws and special parts.

Address:R. 5 de Outubro 523, 4480-706 Vila do Conde, Portugal

Rebitec Tecnica De Fixação, Lda.

Created in 1996 by professionals with long accumulated experience, REBITEC works in the fastening materials market, with import and export of a wide range of screws, machines and tools related to the branch.

We know that in order to face an increasingly demanding market, it is essential to know where to find and where to buy in good conditions of price and quality. At REBITEC we have this knowledge of the market and control the quality of the products we sell without losing sight of competitive prices.

Today, we combine the experience of our founders with the will of a young staff that exists to serve. The consultations and visits of our customers will deserve all the care and attention on our part.

Address:R. Rio 227, 4475-493 Maia, Portugal


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