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We have compiled the best Fastener Manufacturers And Suppliers In Switzerland list for you to pick as below:


KVT Fastening Switzerland

For KVT-Fastening, solutioneering means offering customers a maximum of experience, development and material knowledge. And this in connection with innovation, project security and predictability. On this stable basis, we provide you with efficient and safe solutions for difficult issues or new constructions. Our experts advise you with in-depth know-how on material trends and modern joining processes.

Address:Lagerstrasse 8, 8953 Dietikon, Switzerland

Rogger Fasteners AG

Our company philosophy is characterized by innovation, quality, reliability and service. Through practice-based problem analyzes, creativity in the solution approaches and the application of the most modern working methods, we create new perspectives and added value for perfectly insulated building envelopes.

Address:Gärbi 1, 3257 Grossaffoltern, Switzerland

Conti Fasteners AG

Research Engineering & Manufacturing Inc. (REMINC) and its sister company, CONTI Fasteners AG, have been leading technical innovations in fastener design for over 50 years. Our thread forming, vibration resistant fasteners eliminate material and labor costs such as tapping, washers, nuts, locking adhesives, and other manufacturing components and processes.

Address:Albisstrasse 15, 6340 Baar, Switzerland

HFT Fasteners AG

HFT was founded in 1984 as the Swiss representative of the Guntram End screw factory from Saarbrücken (D). With this, its fasteners for metal roofs and metal facades were introduced in Switzerland.

In 1990 Monotac AG was taken over and expanded. This had specialized in the sale of fasteners and tools for the insulation and insulation technology in general.

In the following years agency contracts were signed, among others with:

FAR Bologna (I), the manufacturer of high-quality blind rivets, rivet nuts and tools for processing them in all technical applications.

Address:Bösch 37, 6331 Hünenberg, Switzerland


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