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Introduction to 3D Printer

Probably you have searched for “How to make money using a 3D printer.” There are people who have used this manufacturing method and made lots of fortune out of it.

The invention of 3D printing has revolutionized the way that we view the world of manufacturing, and it’s created many new avenues of opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs.

With additive manufacturing technology, objects are often produced with a high level of customization and complexity while also bringing down costs.

Furthermore, there are now the all in one 3D printer that is even more versatile – some even call them all-in-one machines.

How can I make money using a 3D printer? Read on as I guide on the best tips of How to Make Money With 3D Printer.

Can One Make Money Using A 3D Printer?

Probably you are wondering if it is possible to make money using 3D printing.

Micromanufacturing is the most significant advantage of a 3D printer that permits people to make money from a 3D printer.

The good thing about micro-manufacturing is it does not require large operational space or massive capital investment.

For the everyday user, acquiring custom made items are often costly as manufacturing cost decreases with the scaling of volume.

The range of what you’ll make with 3D printing has given the everyday user the power to create unique products that cater to a selected need without incurring a costly manufacturing bill.

Therefore, while it is possible to make any amount of money with a 3D printer, it’s not as clear cut as most would assume.

However, this ability to make complex and functional objects from the comforts of your house has given it center stage within the fields of practical innovations.

3D printing has the potential to empower individuals with the power to simply and cheaply create items with relative flexibility.

This, in turn, creates a chance to create money from 3D printing and selling 3D prints.

What do I need to make money with a 3D printer?

So, who can make money with a 3D printer? Well, we can comfortably say that anyone can get into this business and earn some good money.

However, in order to succeed in the 3D printing business, there are a number of requirements that you need to meet.

One of them is you must be really knowledgeable about 3D printing. Know what the whole 3D printing process and everything about it.

You can do research online to find this information.

Although this is not mandatory, it is advisable that you be knowledgeable about the 3D designing process. This is essential if you intend to design models of the 3D prints. Familiarize yourself with different tools and software such as CAD.

Having a 3D printer is another requirement that you should consider even though it is not mandatory. This device is vital if you intend to manufacture different products through the 3D printing process.

Although these devices are expensive, you should strive to find the best 3D printers for the beginner in 2020.

Even if you are not an expert in 3D printers or you don’t have the printing machine, there is a way out. Simply contact the best 3D printing companies in 2020.

There are companies that specialize in providing 3D printing services in China. One such company is Roche Industry.

They already have the printers and other necessary machines. You can use their service and still make money out of 3D printers.

As you can see, the requirements are not very strict. As long as you

9 Effective Ways of Making Money Using 3D Printer

3D Printer

To give you a head-start, here are some of the things that you can do to make money with 3D printing in 2020.

1. Provide rapid prototyping services

Thanks to 3D printing technology, a scale prototype is often produced, and professionals can use it to point out their designs, provides a conceptual presentation, or test the viability of an outcome.

The benefits of rapid prototyping with 3D printing rather than other traditional methods include:

-3D printing decreases the time and price of prototype production.

-Reduces the likelihood of an error within the design or fabrication.

-It Allows for the likelihood of prototyping more variants of an equivalent design.

-Increases the power to form a more complex outcome.

Many companies and designers have put rapid prototyping to the test, and it’s already shown to be an improvement over the normal methods.

Major manufacturers and designers, like those mentioned below, have seen its value for improving designs and reducing costs.

If you are an expert designer, you can create a simple 3D design and as well as large and complex designs for clients.

2. Making fake nails extensions

Nowadays, fake nails extensions are considered a vital accessory to every woman.  With your 3D printer, you can gain some money out of this business.

3D printers are often used for making fashionable products that have high resell value and low cost. Fake nails extensions are small, quick, and cheap to manufacture and supply. Making money with 3D printing requires some understanding of business logic.

By having a high-profit margin, aspiring 3D printing entrepreneurs have the potential to form extra money selling 3D printed items such as fake nails. Additionally, fake nail extensions require low space for storing and have high customizability to suit the various wants of consumers.

3. Cups, plates and other utensils

An everyday household item such as cups are common and have mass-market appeal. From functional cups to quirk designs, 3D printed cup items can help you as a 3D printer entrepreneur make money with 3D printed items.

3D printed cups won’t fetch as high a reselling price as a number of the opposite 3D printed items on this text list, but they’re easy to form and convey to plug. If you put all your efforts into 3D printing, you will be able to meet the market demand for cups and other pieces of utensils. In fact, you will be able to start your own brand of cups.

4. Slippers/footwear

Slippers are another easy wearable product to 3D print. 3D printers can create different designs and shoe sizes, making it a viable means of creating money with 3D printing. A less involving product such as slippers can fetch a high price as a customizable product and be changed rapidly to stay up with current trends.

Another idea for creating money with 3D printed slippers is that the choice to create prototypes for professional designers on a limited budget. However, when handling wearable products, it’s essential to know footwear and feet to avoid creating adverse effects from wearing the 3D printed slippers.

5. Phone case

The demand for phone accessories is high and one of the most demanded items is phone accessory is the phone cases. Since most people want to protect their phones, they try to achieve this goal by using the best phone accessories.

The humble phone case that protects and beautifies your phone is made out of 3D printing. Phone cases are an add-on accessory to any model of mobile phones. The advantage of 3D printing phone cases is that the flexibility it brings to manufacturing as different phone models have different dimensions.

Luckily, phone cases are relatively small and light-weight. As such, most 3D printers are going to be ready to accommodate the 3D printed designs. A 3D printed item with mass-market appeal and low barrier to manufacture, phone cases may be a worthy consideration.

6. Making ornaments and jewelry

The flexibility and adaptability of 3D printing make it create various objects, including exquisite ornaments. Ornaments are a possible candidate for 3D printing. They will take and shape and design allowed by the parameter restrictions of the 3D printer.

The most common ornaments that are made from 3D printing include rings and earrings.

Small with high-profit margins, rings are a kind of 3D printed item that goes hand in hand with 3D printing’s low labor and highly customizable nature.

Rings are often created with 3D printers easily; however, counting on the sort of filament material used, the 3D printer won’t be ready to accommodate. Both men and ladies wear rings as fashionable items; therefore, the 3D printed item has mass-market appeal.

Another fashionable product, manufacturing earrings from 3D printing are often a potentially lucrative venture as they’re easy, small, and light-weight to supply. Additionally, they need a high resale value as a type of jewelry.

7. Product Mockups

3D Printer

This is an interesting money-making venture of 3D printers. Rather than creating end-consumer products for reselling or provide customization services, you can use 3D printers to help other designers and businesses. This is through creating product mockups.

Product mockups are essential for design professionals and students. This audience won’t have the budget or time to make an actual prototype.

A 3D printer can solve their problem and supply a way to bring their creative creations to life. However, a deep knowledge of design, coding, and technical skill is required to require on this 3D printing endeavor.

8. Making craft products

Another good way to form money with a 3D printer is to urge into the marketplace for homemade products and personalized crafts. Some companies have begun to offer products during this field using 3D printing, and it’s led to several success stories.

One example of the foremost common craft product that’s made up of 3D printing is a flower vase.

Beautiful with opportunities to diversify into complementary products, vases aren’t just containers but an addition to the space they occupy. 3D printing can create functional vases without the steep tag.

However, counting on the dimensions of the 3D printer, adjustments need to be made to the planning of the 3D printed vase item.

Typically, cheaper and smaller 3D printers have smaller dimensions. Therefore, the 3D printing entrepreneur has got to keep these parameters in mind once they believe making money with 3D printed vases.

9. 3D printing lessons

Are you an expert in 3D printing? You can earn some good money out of your expertise. Simply offer 3D printing courses to other people who would like to learn about this method of manufacturing.

Teach your students how to create amazing products using 3D printing. The classes can be physical or you can conduct the online.

Benefits of Using 3D Printer For Making Money

Once you are sure that you meet all the requirements for making money with 3D  printers, you can pick any of the above business ideas and implement it to the fullest.

Apart from just making profits, there are many other benefits o using a 3D printer for making money.

First, the requirements of getting into the business are not very strict. Once you know everything about 3D printer, you can easily jump into this business.

Secondly, the printer is flexible or adaptable. There are many products that you can get out of a single 3D printer. You can easily shift from one field of income-generating activity to another without any difficulties.

As we have seen some ways of making money from 3D printers don’t require a massive capital investment. In fact, you may not need a large expansive space to utilize some of these methods.

We cannot ignore the amazing profit margins that you are likely to gain from 3D printers. Since the demand for 3D products and services is pretty high, you are likely to close the day with good returns.


From this article, it is clear that the 3D printer offers a number of great opportunities to make money, but if you are going to invest in this opportunity, it is important to consider the latest models of 3D printers.

These newer models have interchangeable tool heads that make them multifunctional.

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