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JW Winco

When you need to align, hold, or latch different parts of equipment together, you need a spring loaded device. These components use the force in the spring to apply pressure so that the ball or nose will remain nested in some sort of hole or other receptacle. Thus two or more elements of equipment can be aligned or fixed into a determined relative position. Indexing plungers have a beveled or rounded nose that inserts easily into an indexing receptacle indexing receptacle.

Address:U2815 S Calhoun Rd (6,809.30 mi), New Berlin, WI, WI 53151-3515, USA


MISUMI Group possess both manufacturing and distribution businesses, which are supported by the business foundation.

Address:1475 E Woodfield Rd, Ste. 1300, Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA


Mini indexing plungers are designed for use in thin walled sheet metal applications. They are made of a plastic knob, zinc plated steel body, 301 stainless steel spring, and 303 stainless steel plunger pin. The plungers are positioned by holding the knurled knob and retracting the pin. Once the pin is retracted, the spanner flats on the lock nut are revealed and the precision mini indexing plunger can be tightened with an open end wrench. They are available with or without the lock-out feature and come in inch (5/16”-24 TPI) and metric (M8X1.0-M16X1.5) sizes.

Address:Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc. 6 Hayes Memorial Drive, Marlborough, MA 01752, USA


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