Injection Molding

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mould, or mold. Injection moulding can be performed with a host of materials mainly including metals (for which the process is called die-casting), glasses, elastomers, confections, and most commonly thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Material for the part is fed into a heated barrel, mixed (using a helical screw), and injected into a mould cavity, where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity. After a product is designed, usually by an industrial designer or an engineer, moulds are made by a mould-maker (or toolmaker) from metal, usually either steel or aluminium, and precision-machined to form the features of the desired part. Injection moulding is widely used for manufacturing a variety of parts, from the smallest components to entire body panels of cars. Advances in 3D printing technology, using photopolymers that do not melt during the injection moulding of some lower-temperature thermoplastics, can be used for some simple injection moulds.

Are you looking for injection moulding companies in Canada? We have compiled the best 10 injection molding manufacturers list for you to pick as below:


Canada Mold Technology Inc

Canada Mold Technology Inc. primarily designs, builds and maintains plastic injection molds for the automotive industry.
Canada Mold Technology Inc. designs and builds plastic injection molds both for interior and exterior components

such as instrument panels, instrument panel substructures, instrument clusters and bezels, interior door panels, consoles, A, B, and C pillar sills, knee bolsters, exterior bodyside moldings, bumper fascias, air dams, step pads, wheelwell liners, wheel flares, front grilles, screen cowls & more.

Address: 1075 Ridgeway Rd, Woodstock, ON N4V 1E3, Canada

T&T Custom Injection Moulding Canada

“Producing the Best Quality Plastic Products for our Customers is Our Highest Priority.” – Klaus Tautrims, President and CEO
Made in Canada, our plastic injection molded parts are strictly controlled by experienced on site plastic technologists – within budget and on time. Providing world-class innovation, quality and expertise in the plastics fabrication industry since 1962, T&T Custom Injection Moulding is committed to building long lasting and successful partnerships with our customers.

Our quality Canadian workmanship, competitive pricing, prompt and dependable service is what really sets us apart. Specializing in Food Service, Cosmetic, Industrial Containers, Valves, and Consumer Product Solutions. Our injection moulding facility in Ontario, Canada has the capacity for small, medium and large scale production runs. Mold variance of plastic products are capable to range from 1oz to 50.6oz shot size and press tonnage ranges from 250 to 500 Tons. Let us help you come up with the best solution for your custom injected plastic products and parts.

Address:872 Cranberry Ct, Oakville, ON L6L 6J7, Canada

Precision Injection Molding Inc

Precision Injection Molding Inc. is an Injection Molder and Contract Manufacturer
We are a contract manufacturer that has the manufacturing resources and expertise to deliver a finished and packaged product that involves multiple manufacturing technologies and processes.

These two services, Injection Molding and Contract Manufacturing, were combined by PRECISION because our customers often asked us to further apply our engineering expertise and knowledge of manufacturing processes to provide a full turnkey service. This trusted value added service now allows our customers to focus on product ideas, product development, sales and marketing.

PRECISION has consistently proven it can supply an individual injection molded component or a complete “ready for market” product solution, to specification and expected cost. Most important, our clients know that PRECISION believes a responsible service provider is not effective unless it provides profitability, quality product and long term value.

Address:20133 102 Ave #4, Langley City, BC V1M 4B4, Canada

Kemflo Canada Inc

Kemflo Canada established in 1988, has developed a solid reputation for the design and manufacturing of quality injection molded products. Kemflo is a ISO 9001 certified company with over 50 years of experience in injection molding and manufacturing. We have valued knowledge and experience in a wide range of Engineered Thermoplastic Resins. Our engineering is application specific to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions. Our commitment is to provide our customers with value added services in quality and on time delivery. Kemflo provides products and services into many different markets and has accumulated a wealth of experience to better service their customers. Today Kemflo facilitates an 100,000 square feet operation.​

Address:500 Edward Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4Y9, Canada

Performance Plastics Ltd

Performance Plastics Ltd. has a long tradition of innovation, strong customer support, and technical excellence that has made it a leader in the custom injection moulding industry for over 25 years.

Our current customer base spans many market sectors and includes consumer goods, medical, electrical, pluming and automotive components.

Through our centrally located, 20,000 square foot facility in Toronto, Ontario, Performance Plastics services customers throughout North America.

Address:411 Nugget Ave, Scarborough, ON M1S 4G3, Canada

Capable Plastic Injection & Mould Ltd

Capable Plastic Injection and Mould Ltd. was established in 1989 to provide the highest service and quality levels in our industry. Our business prospered from a small producer of consumer products to a manufacturer of wide variety products using ultra modern injection machinery and technologies.

The industries we serve include automotive, medical/biotech, electronics, housing/construction, display, marine, consumer products, sporting, office and home hardware/furniture etc.

Now, our company operates from a 13,500 square foot plant, equipped with fully automated machinery & complete auxiliary facilities at our head office in Concord, Ontario Canada.

Address:100 Buttermill Ave, Concord, ON L4K 3X7, Canada

Custom Injection Molders Canada

CMG is the product of the dynamic and forward-looking merger in 2006 of Duerr Tool & Die Corp. and Custom Molders Corp. Two family-owned companies whom both had long histories of providing quality plastic injection molded products and outstanding customer service.

Today, we are a financially strong, multi-national plastics company producing hundreds of millions of parts each year utilizing over 40 injection molding and stretch-blow molding machines in highly automated, state of the art facilities.

We are still a family owned company (second generation) and are dedicated to the same principles of hard work and customer first focus that our families started with so many years ago. With our family’s continual guidance and constant support, they bestowed upon us a knowledge of the plastics industry that has enabled us to make CMG into the company it is today.

Address: 99 Savannah Oaks Dr, Brantford, ON N3V 1E8, Canada

Plascon Plastics Corporation

At Plascon Plastics, we specialize in developing products through injection molding. Located on Annacis Island in Delta BC, we provide services to businesses looking for manufacturing in the Greater Vancouver Area. As leaders in plastic manufacturing, we work closely with our clients to find innovative and cost-effective ways to differentiate their injection molded products. Whether that is through the use of PCR and other sustainable materials, or by designing better performing molds, we work with you every step of the way to create products we can all be proud of.

Address:790 Audley Blvd, Delta, BC V3M 5T1, Canada

Panon Plastic Inc

Panon Plastic is a mould making and injection moulding company presently serving the electronic and automotive industries by providing expert advice and production suggestions for moulding needs, so that our customers can improve their time to market and the quality of their products while still reducing their costs.

We are a dynamic, growing company interested in injection moulding and mould making for any type of industry.

We offer Full Service CAD, CAM, CNC, Mould Making, and Injection Moulding

We have built our reputation on quality and cost effectiveness by giving our customers confidence and reliability with on time delivery.

Minimum – defect in any process is our way – not a goal.

Address:5255 Creekbank Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1N3, Canada

Centennial Plastic Mfg Ltd

Centennial Plastic has been molding precision plastic components for half a century. Every year our plant supplies millions of products to our customers in the automotive, industrial, medical, electrical, and consumer markets. We are experts in insert and overmolding and tight tolerance components.

Our modern facility is home to efficient state of the art equipment and automation that allow us to compete globally and to deliver product in volume, on short notice. 100% on time delivery. All the time.

Centennial Plastic supplies some of the most innovative and inventive organizations in North America. Our customers depend on our experience, knowledge and commitment to help them remain leaders in their respective fields.

Address:2590 S Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON L5J 2M4, Canada


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