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Rocheclamp one of the most professional toggle clamp manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have manufactured over 500+ models of toggle clamps.Our clients are proud of our toggle clamp’s quality.we are continually seeking new designs to fill needs that has not yet been met. Rocheclamp valued clients, with urgency and sincere interest in meeting your requirements. Rocheclamp persist driven to satisfy, driven to deliver a clamping product line that exceeds your expectations in price,quality, and delivery.


Address:No.83,XiZheng 1st Road,Shajiao Community,Humen Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong China 523936


The technical R&D of Clamptek originated in Taiwan, where its headquarter is located. Clamptek’s high precision fixture components mainly include different type of toggle clamps.

Address:sangyuan industrial park, Dongcheng district,Dongguan City,Guangdong China 523936


Good Hand manual toggle clamp was first marketed in 1974 and served the Asian and European markets. Its widely accepted design and excellent quality have now created a demand for Good Hand toggle clamps throughout the World.

Today, the Good Hand clamp line is capable of handling most all work holding or positioning requirements and our product line is constantly being expanded and updated to meet industry requirements.

Address:No. 2, Gongyequ 12th Road, Xitun District, Taiwan 407


Forwell was established since 1987 and has been widely acknowledge for the high quality and functionality of their products.

Address:No. 399, Section 2, Mingsheng Road, Puxin Township, Changhua County, Taiwan 51346


Zheng Chang has been engaged in tool & part research and development for years. We are a specialist manufacturer of toggle clamps. The toggle clamps have applications in securely fixing electronics, car and woodworking parts. By securely fastening your product, we can help you increase your efficiency and increase your productivity tremendously. Since establishment, we have focused on manufacturing middle to high-class products. Therefore, we have invested heavily in developing highly efficient products by consistently training our employees and enhancing our techniques. Quality & partnership are our priorities. In the near future, we plan to promote a wide range of products with our own brand name. We sincerely welcome you inquire.
Product Item :

Vertical Handle Toggle Clamp
Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamp
Push/Pull Type Toggle Clamp
Latch Type Toggle Clamp

Address:​No. 56, Dongguangyuan Rd., East Dist., Taichung City 401012, Taiwan


How to choose best toggle clamps companies and suppliers is very important, without looking further, we are a leading toggle clamps factory in China with over 12 years experience. We have tons of vertical toggle clamps, latch type toggle clamps, push pull toggle clamps, horizontal toggle clamps in stock. we can providing world class customer service and reliable toggle clamps and accessories that is second to none. Rocheindustry will not let you down.

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