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Kamol Group is an industry leader. We are an industrial product center that focuses on selecting and selling only high quality products. In addition, we also stock all kinds of products to meet the increasing demands of our customers every day. Every product from us has been carefully selected. And we offer products at competitive prices. In addition, we also guarantee the confidence of all our customers. With the guarantee of the quality of every product purchased from us To create peace of mind and confidence for customers We will gladly replace all products if they are damaged.

We believe that because every order is an important event, Kamol Group has an online distribution channel that allows you to shop 24 hours a day from the website. Or social media like Line In addition, customers can choose from several payment methods. Whether it is cash, credit card, money transfer, and of course, if you want to select the product yourself, you can visit us at our shop. Our staff are always ready to serve and give advice to all clients. Because we want all customers to be confident that quality work is the work of Kamol Group.

Address:248 ซอยไทยประกัน1, 8 Thepharak Rd, Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan 10570, Thailand


Distributor and importer of 5 main types of high quality industrial equipment: Cutting tool Grinding tool Hand tools And hydraulic equipment Complete with a wide variety of famous brands from around the world.

Address:222/29-32 ถนนบำรุงเมือง แขวงเทพศิรินทร์ Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100, Thailand

Misumi (Thailand) Co.,LTD

Since its inception in January 1997, Misumi (Thailand) has quickly become involved in providing high quality products to customers. Reliable and with a low price. Through annual sales and delivery periods, MISUMI has been able to maintain a punctual delivery rate of 99.97%, enabling the company to gain the trust of its customers as well. It is well known that any ordered products will be delivered on time. These achievements have led MISUMI to achieve strong growth in Thailand. Currently, more than 10,000 companies in Thailand have registered with MISUMI and over 3, 500 We place orders with the company every month, Japanese and English catalogs of standard parts for metal molds.

Address:​300/24 Moo 1 Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate Soi 5 Tasith Pluakdaeng Rayong 21140, Thailand


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