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Kukamet Toggle Clamp

Kurşunel Kalıp, which received the KUKAMET trademark registration, started production in 1985 by Hasan Kurşunel in an area of ​​25m2 and currently continues its production in a technological factory with a closed area of ​​2000 m2. Kurşunel Kalıp manufactures sheet metal, progressive mold, sheet metal parts with welding construction for different companies in different sectors. We are aware that our quality and systematic work is the biggest reason our customers choose us. And we believe that it is not enough just to exist, we must develop and grow. With this awareness, we registered our quality and systematic work in 2004 with the ISO: 9001: 2015 quality certificate.

Lead Lead Mold Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş. Temsa Global A.Ş. Tümosan Inc. Using the experience and know-how of working with the main industry such as Saf Holland GMBH, Kukamet started to manufacture TOGGLE CLAMP under the brand name Kukamet. Before starting the production of high quality, long-lasting and functional TOGGLE CLAMP, which is a big deficit of the Turkish industry, Kukamet has done long-term R&D studies and as a result, it has been presented to the users. . It has been accepted by the main industry in our R&D studies;
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Address:​Fevziçakmak, no 42050 Konya/TÜRKİYE, 4. Sk No:61, 42100 Horozluhan Osb/Karatay/Konya, Turkey


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