3D printing has eased the processes of manufacturing and production. It prevents mistakes in the final products.

What do you know about 3D printing? Are you interested in the services or the business of 3D printing? Would you be wondering about the companies that offer 3D printing?

With 3D printing, precision is an important aspect. It helps making the actual design easier and prevents any mistakes and mismeasurements. There are companies specializing in 3D printing services to various services.

The following is a list of the best 15 3D printing companies in the world.

Top 3D Printing Companies


3D Systems Corp

Since its inception in 1983, 3D Solutions Corp has been providing 3D printing services. The company now offers its services globally. The company seeks to provide solutions in design, manufacturing and engineering.

3D Systems Corp offers a variety of 3D printing services. The company offers services in various industries including healthcare, automotive, teaching, durable goods, aerospace and defense among others. They have an easy 3-step working process which ensures efficiency and saves time.


  • Highly innovative
  • Use of quality hardware and software in 3D printing
  • Experienced team of experts
  • Deals with many industries

Address: 333 Three D Systems Circle, Rock Hill, SC 29730 USA



Protolabs Inc

Protolabs Inc was founded in 1999 and through the years, the company has earned the reputation of being fast in delivery. The company aims at easing manufacturing and production. With their 3D printing services, they ensure that engineers and designers have a feel of the end product.

Apart from 3D printing, Protolabs Inc also deals with CNC machining and injection molding. The company works with different industries


  • They offer quick service without compromising on quality
  • An experienced team
  • Eases production and manufacturing
  • Innovative to cater for changing needs of their clients

Address: Halesfield 8, Telford, Shropshire, UK



HP is keeping up its innovations with the ever changing needs of its clients. Using technology, HP seeks to offer the best 3D printing services and it is doing well. By offering 3D printing solutions, the company has opened a whole new line of possibilities for its ever growing customer base.

What HP offers in 3D printing is quality in realizing your designs, as well as adaptability. Their team is well trained and up to the task you intend to give them.


  • A well-known company
  • An innovative team that keeps up with client needs
  • A variety of services

Address: 1501 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304 United States


FARO Technologies Inc

FARO Technologies Inc has been in the business for decades. They have kept up with the changing needs and technology to give their clients the best 3D printing services. The company prides itself in offering fast services, accurate models and reducing production risks.

FARO Technologies Inc partners with various industries which they offer their 3D sprinting services to. The company offers global services and has presence in various locations to enable them offer better services.


  • Innovative and adaptable
  • Quick and quality service
  • Offer global services

Address: 250 Technology Park Lake Mary, FL 32746, United States



Materialise has always had a clear objective since 1990 when it began- to be at the top of 3D printing. To do so, the company is constantly coming up with new ways to make 3D printing faster and better. Materialise has been focusing on a number of industries as their clients are diverse.

Their services can be a huge boost to your production process. With Materialise, you are assured of quality services and products. With concerns over the environment, the company ensures that its activities are eco-friendly.


  • An innovative team
  • Works with a number of industries
  • Quality assurance
  • Eco-friendly activities

Address: Technologielaan 15 3001 Leuven Belgium


The ExOne Co

The ExOne Co understands that technology is always changing. Also, all industries are becoming more reliant on technology. For a 3D printing company to be able to provide the best service for its clients, it has to be highly innovative to keep up.

The company produces parts promptly and on demand. The team works with various industries including decorative art, defense and pumps. The ExOne Co will ensure that it delivers to you exactly what you asked for.


  • Offers services to a number of industries
  • Quick service
  • Environment friendly and sustainable productions

Address: 127 Industry Boulevard North Huntingdon, PA 15642 United States

ExOne Logo



For more than 30 years in the business, Stratasys has positioned itself as a leader in the 3D printing fields. This company has worked with, and earned the trust of some renowned companies around the world. It offers its services globally and on demand.

On top of using cutting edge technology in 3D printing, they are also keen on the materials used. This ensures that the manufacturing bit is made easier for their clients. Stratasys has high quality standards in their services and products.


  • Experience in the field
  • Global on-demand services
  • Renowned company

Address: 7665 Commerce Way Eden Prairie, MN 55344 United States



Organovo is mostly concerned with health related 3D printing. The company typically recreates tissues for drug testing. The advantage of having a single point of focus is that it becomes a lot easier to specialize and become a lot more innovative.

The company keeps up with the ever changing technology to continue with its activities. The innovations of Organovo have been helpful in coming up with the most effective drugs.


  • Medical testing innovation
  • Specialized activities

Address: 440 Stevens Avenue, Suite 200 Solana Beach, CA 92075 United States



Founded over 2 decades ago, Voxeljet has been providing 3D printing services to clients worldwide. It has presence in different location to enhance global service delivery. The company offers 3D printing services on demand and delivers according to your specific demands.

Voxeljet guarantees quality services and products, timely delivery of your products and good rates for all its services. You are assured of accurate and quality models. The company’s concern for the environment has them reusing and recycling to ensure sustainability.


  • Global presence and services
  • Timely delivery
  • They offer good rates
  • Handles complex designs

Address: Paul-Lenz Strasse 1a 86316 Augsburg Germany


Nano Dimension

Nano Dimension has its activities focused on Additively Manufactured Electronics. The company offers services to a number of industries and their services are efficient and fairly priced. The complexities of your design will not be a limiting factor with Nano Dimension as they have the capacity to handle them.

The company’s innovations and helpful designs are making it more popular. Nano Dimension also offers the option of designing with the help of their experienced team. The company offers personalized care for their clients.


  • Handle all kinds of designs
  • Good service
  • Offer IP security

Address: 13798 NW 4th Street, Suite 315 Sunrise, FL 33325, United States


SLM Solutions Group

SLM Solutions Group offers solutions to improve manufacturing and production in various industries. With years of experience, the company has been innovative and managed to cater to the diverse needs of its clients. To be able to serve it clients, SLM Solutions Group has offices in different locations around the world.

The company is focused on providing 3D services in health, energy and automotive fields among several others. SLM Solutions Group has over the years improved on the designs they can produce as well as the time they take to do so.


  • Innovations to keep up with client needs
  • They have global presence
  • Constant improvements on service delivery

Address: Estlandring 4 23560 Lubeck


Relativity Space Inc

The company offers flexible and quick services to its clients. Relativity Space has merged 3D printing with futuristic innovations including robotics and artificial intelligence. The company is focused on rockets and how it can improve their functions.

The activities of Relative Space has seen them partner with the US Airforce and NASA. The company’s innovations have proved to reduce the time they spend on 3D printing and also improve quality.


  • Futuristic innovations
  • Time saving innovations
  • Always improving on quality and efficiency

Address: 837 Industrial Road Suite D San Carlos, CA 94070 United States



CELLINK has its focus on medical 3D printing. For years now, the company has been offering 3D printing services in certain categories related to medicine. Using their products, scientists have been able to reach milestones, for instance in bio printed skin.

The company partners with scientists from around the world to understand the exact needs of their consumers. With this information, they are able to come up with useful innovations. CELLINK uses the best technology to keep up with the needs of their clients.


  • Focused on medicine
  • Their innovations are directly beneficial to humans
  • Available in different locations

Address:  SCIENION AG Volmerstrasse 7b D-12489 Berlin



nTopology deals with 3D printing services related to medical, automotive, aerospace and consumer products. They offer engineering solutions by modeling various designs. With nTopology, you will get products which are precise and of diverse designs.

The company is constantly coming up with innovations to provide new solutions to engineering. nTopology can handle a variety of complex designs.


  • Offers services to a number of industries
  • Precise models to ease engineering
  • Constant innovations to suit demands

Address: 101 Avenue of the Americas, 12th Floor New York, NY 10013 United States


Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal has eased production in large and small scale with 3D printing. They offer services to a variety of industries including automotive and consumer products among others. The variety of services enables them to cater to more clients.

They can handle even the complicated designs with their technology. Desktop Metal has a variety of products which can be easily used and are of high quality.


  • Cater to a variety of industries
  • Handle all kinds of designs
  • Easy to use products

Address: 29 Hartwell Avenue Lexington, MA 02421 United States

Desktop Metal logo



A lot of 3D printing companies are offering their additive manufacturing services and you might feel a bit lost. We will help you choose the best 3D printing service for your project. What criteria should you take into account to choose your 3D printing service? We will see what is best for you and give you our best tips.

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