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Are you looking for Fastener Suppliers In Norway? You have come to the right place.

We have compiled the best Fastener Manufacturers And Suppliers In Norway list for you to pick as below:

Bolten AS

Bolten AS is a supplier of fasteners and tools for contractors, construction, industry and offshore. We have set ourselves the goal of being a leader in fasteners in Sørlandet. We will achieve this through experience in the field, good quality and stock that is adapted to customers’ needs.

In our warehouse at Mjåvann Industriområde, we have a wide selection of fasteners and we can contribute with fast and efficient delivery so that you as a customer get the job done.

Bolten AS can also provide good expertise and input in fastening materials. Our employees can boast of a long career in the industry and they are happy to contribute with good advice.

We want you to always feel welcome at Bolten!

“No order is too big or too small – with us the customer is always in the center”

Address:Mjåvannsvegen 65, 4628 Kristiansand, Norway

SFS intec AS

SFS intec produces different types of fasteners for many different industries and has extensive production expertise.

In addition to practical experience with the use of different types of materials in different industries, this enables us to create fastening solutions that meet your needs.

We take part in the entire value chain, including development, production and testing, and can find good solutions in a profitable way and within a short time. Our main focus is screw connections.

We are happy to help you find the optimal solution for you.

Address:Fjellbovegen 3, 2016 Frogner, Norway

Zachariassen Jernvare AS

Zachariassen Jernvare AS is a hardware store of the good, old variety and probably has the country’s best range of screws in the store.

With us, you will find the weird screws – such as thumb screws, screws for old ceiling and wall boxes, machine screws in brass and acid-proof Allen screws.
We provide service beyond the ordinary.

Address:Hegermanns gate 23A, 0478 Oslo, Norway


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