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Sign NDA
We sign the NDA with our customer and also for their projects. Each employee must take pre-enter company training to follow our production flow, so that keep company information security. NDA will be signed on board date. As well as for all our suppliers have to sign NDA. For date security, we use the ISO27001 as the reference. All the data will be securely kept at our own network centre, only the authorized staff can access to the centre and review the data.

Flow Production

Flow Production
We use the work order system to control each process step, timeline for each job is very clear for each team. All of customer requirements will be reflected from the work order. When quoting, our production engineers will review the data and requirement, and provide the DFM if needed. During the production, we guarantee the on-line and off-line inspection to ensure that the parts we produce meet your exact specifications.

Quality Control

Quality control
We are ISO 9001 certified, first article inspection, also support to provide the FAI report.Before the packing, we have the final inspection, which will check all the quality details by our QC. We are very concerns the safety packing. For different sizes and materials production,we will adopt different packing methods to keep products delivery safely. Parts will be marked with labels of item no. and PO no. for customers to recognize easier.

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Best Rapid Prototype Tooling Service In China

We can offer rapid prototype tooling technology to serve your low to medium production needs. With a production order of more than 100 parts, we will consider this quick turnaround tooling process. It’s no matter if you have simple or more complicated parts with tight tolerance, we can satisfy your needs at a low cost. Lead-time for tooling ranges from 5 to 20 calendar days depending on the structures. Rapid prototyping service in China offers an opportunity to support your innovation and your new generation of products. Roche Industry’s mission is to provide the best added-value of rapid prototyping service in China to our customers.

Roche Industry is the most successful rapid prototype tooling company with the best customer base at this time. We are happy to provide the best in class features of rapid prototypes by using 3d printing, CNC prototyping, and polyurethane vacuum casting.

Roche industry can handle all technical aspects of creating your prototypes and parts, so your team can focus on bringing your product to market. Contact us today to get your manufacturing solution and details.

Advantages Of Our Rapid Prototype Tooling Services

Roche Industry is the most successful rapid prototype tooling company with the best customer base at this time. At Roche, most of our engineers have over 10 year experience in tool building industry. We can provide strong engineering supports to our customers, this greatly cuts down any potential quality risks that limit launching into the market quickly. The advantages of rapid prototype tooling as below:

1. It’s the fastest and the best method for product prototypes
2. Physical availability of the product helps in making changes and identifying problems before mass production
3. Easy modifications for prototype
4. The prototype is fully functional
5. Wastage of raw material is completely reduced
6. Machining may not be required
7. Products are available at a lower price
8. The time required for bringing the product from the design stage to the market stage is significantly reduced
9. The Rapid prototyping machine can run 24*7 thus labor requirements and related problems are eliminated.

Looking For Rapid Prototype Tooling Service?

Absolutely, you’ve come to the right place. Roche Industry has been engaged in rapid prototype tooling more than 10 years, Roche Industry provides excellent quality, quick turnaround and cost-effective rapid prototype tooling services to customers across the world. We have highly skilled machinist who provide premium quality rapid prototype tooling quickly and accurately. We are always pleased to help you to meet your needs in the best manner. It’s a great honor to be a partner with you. We’re excited to start working with you. Contact us today to get your manufacturing solution and details.

Benefits of Working with Roche Industry

​1. AS9100-certified
​2. All senior designers and engineers
3. ​Over 10 years of combined experience
​4. Develop the right prototype for your needs
​5. End-to-end product prototyping under one roof
6. Just In Time delivery of parts
7. Production volume discounts
8. Quality Guarantee
9. 24/7 online service

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