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German RepRap GmbH

The technology of additive manufacturing has become indispensable for most of the industry and continues to gain in importance. For our customers this means creating new possibilities for production, new ideas, new innovations. It is impressive that 3D printers are now used in almost every industry, from the automotive industry to aerospace to the medical sector.

We at German RepRap create future-oriented technologies and implement them in the design and production of 3D printers. We have been developing our x-series 3D printers based on Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology since 2010. The special feature of all printers is the Open Material Platform, which enables a variety of consumables to be used for printing. New materials are constantly being tested and added to our range. This means that our customers are not bound and can adapt the printing to personal requirements and take individual wishes into account.

Address:Kapellenstraße 7, 85622 Feldkirchen, Germany

3DPrint Germany

3DPrint Germany – your service provider for additive manufacturing!

Do you need design models, prototypes, functional components or small to medium series? Then you are right with us. Thanks to the latest 3D printing technologies, we are able to transform your CAD models into physical models. Benefit from our experience in the field of additive manufacturing. Thanks to the most modern construction software, we offer you the preparation and optimization of your CAD data as well as the complete creation of your project. If you ask for a complete solution, we will be happy to advise you extensively on how we can put your idea into practice quickly and inexpensively.

Address:Meinersdorfer Str. 4, 07937 Zeulenroda-Triebes, Germany


Benefit from our more than 11 years of successful experience in the field of prototyping to bring your visions to life. Whether functional prototypes or small series, sophisticated exhibition models or spare parts – we offer you production in plastic , metal and colored polymer plaster . 3DXXL in Stuttgart – your 3D printing service provider. From 3D data creation to the finished 3D print model.

Address:​Elsterstraße 2, 70806 Kornwestheim, Germany


3Faktur is a 3D printing service provider and partner for the most innovative industrial and medium- sized companies. Our offer includes rapid prototyping (production of individual pieces and small series) as well as rapid manufacturing (production from 100 pieces) for plastic components in polyamide and TPU.

Address:Göschwitzer Str. 22, 07745 Jena, Germany


XTRUDE.BERLIN 3D visualization & 3D printing Where high quality meets affordability Where high quality meets affordability.

Address:RathausPassagen, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Voxelwerk GmbH

With voxelwerk, we have made it our business to offer services related to 3D printing . We pursue this goal with passion, a thirst for knowledge, precision and a lot of joy.

But what exactly does voxelwerk mean? Voxelwerk is made up of the two nouns “voxel” and “werk”. A “voxel” is a single point in three-dimensional space. It corresponds to a pixel in two-dimensional space. It is therefore the smallest unit in 3D printing – comparable to an atom or its components. A large number of these pixels together form a 3D object.
The term “work” expresses something that has arisen in many ways. A book can be just as much a work as a tool, an art object or the place itself where something is created. “Work” primarily describes something that is handcrafted, handmade and, in a broader sense, also unique. Taken together, both terms describe exactly what we do. With this in mind, we hope to be able to convince you of our ideas and our ability to implement them.

Address:Prinzenstraße 85d, 10969 Berlin, Germany


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