3D printing is advancing quickly as technology and consumer needs change. It is important for the 3D printing companies to keep up to avoid being obsolete.

Are you looking for the best 3D printing service provider in the UK? Would you like to learn more about 3D printing? Are you interested in the new trends in 3D printing?

There have been a lot of changes in technology which have greatly impacted various industries. The changes have eased production and it is set to get even easier in future. Developing prototypes has become faster and cheaper.

The list below comprises of the best 3D printing companies in the UK.

3D FDM Printer

Having a system that works is a major factor to satisfying the needs of your clients. 3D Print Direct have a working process that ensures your needs are well taken care of in good time. They make different types of models using the material that is most suitable for your product.

The company offers on demand services and has a great team to assist. 3D Print Direct guarantees quality in service and the products you will receive at good rates.


  • Efficient working process
  • You choose suitable materials
  • Guaranteed quality

Address: Unit D9 Leyton Industrial Village, Argall Avenue London E10 7QP


3D Systems offers 3D printing services on demand. Working with a fast and knowledgeable team makes the process easy. The company’s work involves several making the company a good choice for the diverse needs of their clients.

With 3D Systems, you are assured of quality in the end products. The company is global so you can get their services from different parts of the world. They use the best materials and technology to produce good models.


  • Fast and experienced team
  • Work with many industries
  • Easily accessible services

Address: 2nd Floor, West & South Wings, The Maylands Building, 200 Maylands Avenue United Kingdom



3DPRINTUK was established in 2001 to bring something different to the 3D printing field. Their models are often colourful as opposed to the usual dull looking models. The company also offers good rates for all their services.

In a bid to offer better customer service, the team will confirm your designs before modelling them. For clients who need high volume printing, the prices can be adjusted. 3DPRINTUK offers a number of services to ensure that all your demands are met.


  • They produce unique looking models
  • Offer goods rates and discounts
  • Greta customer service

Address: Unit D9 Leyton Industrial Village, Argall Avenue, London E10 7QP



SGD is a customer oriented 3D printing service provider. The company offers a variety of 3D printing services. To successfully do so, the company invests in the newest and most effective technology.

SGD has great offers when you work with them. These offers are free shipping within the UK and repairs on models. To accommodate even those with low volume orders, their minimum values are low.


  • Competitive rates
  • Offer free shipping in the UK
  • Quick delivery
  • They offer model repairs for free when you have a new order

Address: Unit 20, Pottery Court, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8YN


Lancashire 3D

Lancashire 3D offers 3D printing solutions in small and large scale. The company has been in the business for years and has maintained high quality standards. It has good rates for the services offered.

To ensure that the clients are well taken care of, Lancashire 3D provides advice to its clients at no extra costs. Their concern over the environment has seen them engaging in eco-friendly production as well as recycling.


  • Free delivery to selected locations
  • Environmental friendly production
  • Competitive rates for services
  • Guarantee on services

Address: Unit 4b, Canalside Road Whitebridge Estate Stone, ST15 8LQ


Microworkshops 3D printing &CAD Design

To make sure you get your required models the first time, Microworks will require even the tiny details on what you want. From this information, they will advise accordingly and pick the best material for your prototype.

The company also offers consultation services to help you make the best decisions on 3D printing and designing. Microworkshops has previously worked with some renowned companies so you can be sure that your designs are in good hands.


  • Fast and efficient production
  • They offer the best suggestions based on what you order
  • Offer consultation services on 3D printing

Address: Studio 52, 3-5 Shelford PI, Stoke Newington, London N16 9HS


3D Quick Printing

3D Quick Printing guarantees quick and quality services at affordable rates. The company is focused on providing the best services to ensure customer satisfaction. The team is friendly and resourceful they offer useful information and answers to any questions you have.

The company is located in several and strategic locations making their service delivery easier and more efficient. 3D Quick Printing works on small volume and large volume orders. The team is prompt not only in delivering products, but also in responding to queries.


  • They do batch productions
  • Use quality printers for quality products
  • Professionalism and quick service

Address: 26 Bayton Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV7 9EL


IMIRP Rapid Prototyping Ltd

For more than 2 decades, IMIRP Rapid Prototyping Ltd has been providing 3D services to clients in different industries. To maintain their quality, they ensure that every detail is clear from the moment they start on a design to when the model is complete.

The company mostly produces low volume prototypes. IMIRP Rapid Prototyping Ltd has previously worked with some reputable brands. The experienced team is always ready to help realize your ideas.


  • You will get unique designs
  • Work with an experienced team
  • Previously worked with reputable brands

Address: Aston Cross Industrial Estate 51 Lichfield Road, Aston Birmingham B6 5RW



Protolabs has is a global 3D printing company with locations in strategic parts of the world including the United States, Germany and Japan. This ensures that they are able to offer their services to their clients despite their locations. They also have the equipment for fast and quality production.

The company has an easy system of getting the work done. This makes the turn-around time shorter and the production faster. The company offers its services to clients in several industries.


  • Services are availed in different parts of the world.
  • Years of experience in the field
  • Guaranteed quality and quick production

Address: Halesfield 8, Telford Shropshire TF7 4QN United Kingdom



Essence 3D Printing Service

Essence 3D Printing provides a number of services to their clients. Apart from printing your designs, the company can also help in designing your products. Either way, the team is always available to help whenever you need them.

To ensure that they give the best products to their clients, they keep up with the latest technology. Essence 3D Printing offers personalized services to each of their clients. Their activities are eco-friendly.


  • Worldwide delivery of your products
  • Great customer care and support
  • Environmental friendly productions

Address: Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom




With the client needs as the driving force, Hexa creates quality prototypes to give value to the client. They use new technology in designing and production. This ensures efficiency, quick delivery and quality products.

To give you peace of mind, the company allows you to track the progress of your designs and projects. With constant improvements on their equipment and skills, Hexa is able to keep up with the advancing demands of clients.


  • Stay informed on the progress of your designs
  • Have your designs made by experts
  • Innovative team keeping up with demands

Address: Stamford Lincs PE9 United Kingdom


Materialise UK Ltd

Materialise has been in the 3D printing business for years. Throughout this time, the company has managed to maintain quality in its products and customer service. They work with different industries and you are assured that you will get good products without limitations on designs.

Materialise is located in different part of the world for better service delivery. The company offers training and customer support. They offer on demand 3D printing services.


  • Work with an experienced and reputable company
  • Available in different locations
  • Guaranteed quality and fast production

Address: Advanced Manufacturing Park Brunel Way Catcliffe- Sheffield S60 5WG United Kingdom


Print My Part

Print My Part offers services in design, reverse engineering and 3D printing. This makes them a one stop shop if you are looking for 3D printing services. You get to choose the material you want on your models, the team will also advise you depending on design and function.

With Print My Part, you will get personalized service to ensure you get what you need. The company offers competitive rates for their fast and quality services.


  • Offer a variety of services
  • Quality services and products
  • You can get design services

Address: Unit 19B, eSpace North, Wisbech Road, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 1RA, United Kingdom


3D Print Bureau

Since its inception, 3D Print Bureau has been offering the best service to its clients. The company works on small and large volume productions. With the experience gathered over the years, the team is able to produce quality models, complex designs and offer guidance.

The company has invested in new technology to ensure that they keep up with trends. In collaboration with the clients, the team comes up with the desired and accurate prototypes.


  • Fast, accurate and quality delivery
  • Small and large scale volume products
  • Value client inputs in design and material

Address: Normacot Road Longton, Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire ST3 1PR


Hobs 3D

Hobs 3D offers innovative solutions in 3D printing. The company also makes models and 3d visualizations. This services make Hobs 3D a good choice if you require several services from the same provider.

The company offers great customer service and support. Hobs 3D has worked with some reputable clients so you can trust them with your project.


  • Use new technology in production and designing
  • Offer a variety of related services
  • Innovative and experienced team

Address: Ground Floor, 14 Castle Street, Liverpool L2 ONE



There is still a long way to go in 3D printing because there will always be advancements in technology. The number of companies offering 3D printing services is also increasing. This will result in competitive rates, faster service and easier access.

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