China has established itself as a global manufacturer. There are many products sold across the world which are manufactured in China.

Would you like to know more about manufacturing in China? How does 3D printing enable China’s manufacturing?  Are you interested in 3D printing services in China?

Manufacturing industries make a huge contribution towards the growth of China. The country produces a lot of goods used locally and for export. 3D printing eases manufacturing and industrial productions.

If you are interested in 3D printing services in China, here are the 15 best China 3D printing companies you should know.

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Sichuan Revotek

With a focus on health related 3D printing, Revotek has been creating synthetic tissue which is used in research. To accomplish this, the company uses the best bio printers for accuracy and production speed. The company is a pioneer in organ 3D printing having produced even blood vessels.

Currently, Revotek has patented 3 printers with more to follow. The services offered by this company have had a great impact on the health sector. Their working process consists of 6 steps ensuring efficiency and quick service.


  • Use cutting edge technology
  • They conduct different researches
  • Making great contributions to the health sector

Address: No. 1 Dikang Ave, Chengdu, Sichuan 610000, China

Regenovo Biotechnology

This company offers biomedical solutions using the best technology. Regenovo Biotechnology also develops high quality 3D printers. Their 3D printing involves making tissue and organ models.

The company makes models of healthy and infected organs to help with research and testing for cures. The models by Regenovo Biotechnology have aided in the development and testing of drugs. The company offers a range of services and products.


  • Use 3D printing to improve healthcare and research
  • Have a variety of products and services
  • Innovative to keep up with demand

Address: Room C1101, Building No.2, 452 6th Street, Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area

Shining 3D

With years of experience in the 3D printing, Shining 3D have become experts in the field. To cater to the needs of their clients they offer services for large volume products. The company focus on making advancements and improvements in 3D.

The company is located in selected strategic locations to offer global services more efficiently. The company has maintained its clientele by always being innovative. The company assures good quality and quick turnaround time.


  • Innovative team
  • Deal with large volume products
  • Has global presence

Address: No. 1398, Xiangbin Road, Wenyan, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 311258


The company has years of experience in 3D printing using the most sophisticated technology. Winsun prides itself as being a pioneer in the 3D field in China. The company mostly deals with architecture and construction.

The company works to improve the environment by coming up with eco-friendly constructions. Winsun ensure that its clients get the highest quality products. The company also produces materials that are used in 3D printing.


  • A pioneer in the field with years of experience
  • Eco-friendly activities
  • Offer high quality products

Address: No.789, Xinjin Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai


The company offers a wide range of services including 3D designing, scanning and printing. They use cutting edge technology in all their activities. Mohou also uses the best printers to make sure that your models are well detailed and of high quality.

To cater to the requirements and needs of their ever growing customer base, the company has a wide array of materials for their clients to choose from. Since the company offers online 3D printing services, they are able to reach clients from around the world.


  • Offer global services
  • Quality and variety of services
  • Competitive rates

Address: 1903 Fuhaiguoji Plaza, Haidian, Beijing, China

HLH Prototypes

Since its establishment, HLH Prototypes has been working to achieve reliability by offering quick services without compromising on quality. The company is constantly seeking new ways to ensure that they offer their clients the services they need. HLH Prototypes uses both the latest technology and traditional methods to make models.

The company focuses on low volume productions. HLH Prototypes has the capacity to handle your designs despite their complexity. The team will offer useful information and help you throughout your project.


  • Quick an quality services
  • Use modern and traditional methods of production
  • Handle complex designs

Address: 1801 Xing Ji Building, Xin Sha Road Shajing, Baoan, Shenzhen, China 518125


FacFox offers online 3D printing services making them able to reach a wider customer base. The company offers a wide range of services including 3D scanning, casting, and injection molding. With a 3 step process, the company’s production process moves smoothly and without delays.

Having worked with a number of industries, the company has gathered vast experience. You can entrust your project to them and be assured of accurate and quality results. FacFox uses the most suitable materials to make the most realistic models.


  • Online services to reach more clients
  • Offer a wide range of services
  • Use most suitable material for desired results

Boston Micro Fabrication

Boston Micro Fabrication is present in various locations including Shenzhen. This makes their service delivery more efficient because they can reach more clients. The company has been offering 3D services for years and have managed to keep up with their clients’ demands.

Apart from 3D printing, Boston Micro Fabrication also develops printers. You will have a wide range of materials to pick for your prototypes when working with this company. The team will offer full information on the different materials to make your decision easier.


  • International presence
  • Keen on client demands
  • Work with a helpful team
  • Wide range of materials to choose from

Address: Floor 5, Building 8 East, GS Park, Wuhe Avenue North, Longhua New District, Shenzhen City

Guangzhou Klarm Prototyping Limited

Guangzhou Klarm Prototyping Limited offers 3D printing globally. The company has worked with various industries giving them the much needed experience in the field. They have competitive rates for their quality services.

The company produces realistic prototypes not only to ease manufacturing but also to help in presentations. Guangzhou Klarm Prototyping Limited uses different materials for your models to make them fully functional. When making the prototypes, they use the best technology to ensure that they get all the details right.


  • Work with experts with years of experience
  • Good rates for services
  • Come up with solutions to suit client needs

Address: Jiangcheng 16th Road, Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, China 511450

Duch Group

The Duch Group offers a number of services and products making them a one stop shop for your 3D printing needs. The company is present in various locations for better service delivery. The Duch Group has been in the 3D printing business for over 2 decades and has worked with numerous clients giving them vast experience.

To give their clients peace of mind, the company offers updates on the progress of their projects. They also have competitive prices for their services. The Duch Group guarantees quality in their services and products.


  • Tracking during production
  • Well priced services
  • Guarantee on quality
  • Quick turn-around time

Address: #899 Ma Qing Road, Hai Cang District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China


ProtoFab offers 3D printing services on demand to give the customers exactly what they want. The company helps bring ideas to life with their precise and functional models. ProtoFab offers a variety of materials to choose from for your projects.

This company also deals with 3D printers and other services. ProtoFab is strategically located and has branches to reach more clients and be more efficient in service delivery. The company provides its services to clients in different industries.


  • Experience working with different industries
  • Offer on demand services
  • Located strategically for better service

Address: 899, Maqing Road, Haicang District, Xiamen, China, 361026

LK Mould

One of the most important functions of 3D printing is to ease production and LK Mould has been helping its clients with this. Being a global service provider, the company has managed to maintain the quality of their products and the trust of their clients.

LK Mould ensures that the needs of each client are specifically taken care of. The company also offers a variety of services to attract and maintain their clients. They have a friendly team to help you through your project.


  • Guaranteed quality of services and products
  • Trusted internationally
  • Competitive prices

Address: No. 15, JinShen Road, Jin Xia District, Changan Town, Dongguan 523850 Guangdong, China


Visitech aims at offering the best solutions to their clients. It could be in manufacturing, making a presentation or production. The company offers good rates and value for the price you pay.

Their international presence makes them more capable to serve their clients more effectively. Additionally, you can have your designing done by their experts. Visitech guarantees quality on products that you design and those that they design for you. Their activities are environmental friendly to ensure sustainability.


  • International presence
  • Keeping up with trends and technology
  • Eco-friendly activities

Address: Room 401, Building 2, No. 258 Jinzang Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201206


INTAMSYS has presence in China and Japan. The company offers on demand 3D services to its clients for a personalized experience. The company has a team of experts that ensure that your projects run smoothly and the results you get go beyond expectation.

The industries that this company focuses on are aerospace, medical and automotive among several others. The company also deals with 3D printers and materials used in 3D printing.


  • Strategically located
  • Experience with different industries
  • Client oriented services
  • Offer on demand services

Address: 3F, Building C9-31, No. 3188 Xiupu Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China 211315


UnionTech offers 3D printing services and also develops 3D printers. This gives them a great understanding of what clients need and they are easily able to deliver. The company works with a number of industries.

The company offers great services to its clients even after sales. UnionTech uses the most sophisticated equipment to ensure that they deliver realistic and accurate models. The company seeks to ease manufacturing and designing for all their clients.


  • Good knowledge of consumer demands
  • Well priced services
  • Experience working with different industries

Address: 3/F Building F4, Tian’an Cyber Park, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China


3D printing companies in China have greatly enabled manufacturing in the country. With the constantly increasing demand for products, 3D printing services will continue becoming more efficient and available

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